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Dallas County Supervisor

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Fiscal Responsibility and Lower Taxes

Mark worked to reduce the county tax levy from 9.71 in 2008 to 7.94 today. Dallas County's tax rate is among the lowest in Iowa. Fiscal discipline under Mark's leadership has been instrumental in the county receiving an upgraded Aa1 bond rating from Moody's Investor Service.

Proven Leader to Manage Growth

Dallas County remains the fastest growing county in the state and the 17th fastest growing in the nation. The number of residents increased by 169% since 1990. Mark understands the complex issues to address growth, finding solutions to provide quality county services to a growing population without raising the tax levy.

Restored the Dallas County Courthouse

Mark spearheaded the effort to preserve and protect the legacy of the County Courthouse for future generations and added 30% more usable space and accessibility for all.

Dedicated to Bike Trails and Natural Resources

Mark worked to complete the North Loop of the Raccoon River Valley Trail and established the Dallas County Wetland Bank near the Voas Nature Area to protect our natural resources.

Accountable Solutions

Mark negotiated a lease with DMACC to operate the Dallas County Farm as an agricultural campus, providing new revenue to the county. He utilized existing resources by renovating the Dallas County Care Facility as the new home of the Dallas County Human Services Campus.