"In Dallas County, we've managed our growth, kept taxes low and improved our quality of life. I'm proud to have led us through this growth, and look forward to keeping Dallas County strong and prosperous. It is a great honor listening to and serving our citizens. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote."
                                                                                                                      - Dallas County Supervisor Mark Hanson

As an elected member of the Dallas County Board of Supervisors, it is my honor to serve you and all citizens of Dallas County. In this role, I have worked to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely, while managing strong growth, meeting increased demand for services and improving the quality of life across the entire county.

Today, Dallas County is stronger than ever and the best place in Iowa to live and work. I am proud of my accomplishments, which is why I am seeking re-election and asking for your vote. 

  • Proven, Reliable Leader: Dedicated to helping manage and lead Iowa's fastest growing county

  • Low Taxes and Fiscally Responsible: Committed to efficient government, balanced budget and keeping our taxes low - the second lowest county rate in the state and a AAA bond rating

  • Safe, Healthy Communities: Ensuring the health and safety of our communities with the new Law Enforcement Center and the updated Human Services Campus where Public Health, Community Services, Emergency Management and the county's state-of-the-art E-911 communication system is located

  • Quality of Life: Protecting our natural resources, enhancing trails and providing recreational amenities and quality county services to a growing population

  • Economic Development: Promoting opportunities with companies recognizing our well-managed and business-friendly county - increasing our taxable value to $6 billion and bringing jobs to our communities

I look forward to continuing to collaborate with our residents, communities and businesses to keep Dallas County strong and prosperous. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve you and our great county. Thank you for your support of my campaign, and I greatly appreciate your vote this November. 


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